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I will be doing 10 commission in this first drive. These commissions will be done in the same style I do my convention sketches. All commissions will be penciled and inked only. Since this is my first time doing this I want to see how everything shakes out before I start doing full color and painted commissions.  Below are all the guidelines;

-  All drawing will be done on 8.5 x 11 drawing paper.

-  I will draw any character you want.  The first 10 people who send me a note here on DA with a request, AND send me payment for it, will be put on the list and have their commission honored.

-  For $20, I will draw any character  you request. I will mail you the original art to an address you provide for me.

-  I WILL NOT draw machines or mech. It's not fun for me and twenty bucks is not enough to get me to do it.

-  You CAN request more than one character in a single drawing. Just know that it is $20 per character.

-  You CAN request more than one drawing.

-  Your request will NOT be locked in until I receive payment. Do NOT just write me with a request and assume your spot is saved. It's first pay, first serve. I accept PayPal, and you can access my account at:

-  When sending me notification that your payment has been sent to my PayPal, please include your REAL NAME (not just your DA handle) and the name of the character you've paid me to draw.

I'll do my best to complete these commissions within a week of receiving payment, but please understand that I an a working artist and sometimes deadlines pop up unexpectedly.  

Thanks for reading.
Thanks to Jay Fosgitt, I finally figured out how to upload art here. So if you like what you see I'll be posting more, so keep your eyes peeled.
Well, I've been trying to add more pics here, but for whatever reason they just wont upload. If anyone can give me a suggestion on what files upload better I'd really appreciate it.
I Finally have my first piece of art post here. Took me a while to figure out what the heck was going on. I must be getting old because technology frightens and confusses me.

Hopefully I'll get more stuff up in short order. But until then I'm enjoying surfing around and checking out some of the talented folks who post here.